Company was established since 2010.

We are all passionate about coffee and would love to spread the coffee culture in Hong Kong.

Barista Academy provides one-on-one barista training course, professional staff barista training for cafes and restaurants, latte art class, coffee workshop for beginners, as well as coffee roasting and tasting lessons. The company is a partnership owned by EL Au and Felix Wong.

EL Au, the Hong Kong Grand Barista Champion 2010 and the winner of Hong Kong Most Popular Barista Award 2010, has over 7 years experience in the coffee industry. EL provided coffee training for hotel groups and coffee shop chains such as Langham Place Hotel, East Hotel, Agnes'b Cafe & Restaurants and Le Bel Place.

Felix Wong, owner of Cafe Corridor, Coffee Assembly and Caffe Essenza, is passionate about promoting coffee culture in Hong Kong.

Barista Academy Hong Kong  Limited

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